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Heavy New Year 2018 Lumen
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Продам две примочки!

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10.07.2007 - 18:34
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Продаю две примочки в отличном состоянии!
PROCO TURBO RAT - 2000 ru и
IBANEZ TS7 - 1200 ru

Пишите в личку или на danv83@bk.ru
10.07.2007 - 21:59
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рэт знатная вещь... давно пользуешь?

Устал - умри!

Вертолеты - это души погибших танков... (с)
11.07.2007 - 07:38
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Полтора года... и как новенькая! И прослужит еще десять как минимум...
Такие примочки не ломаются)) Они только теряются и крадутся)
Сам продаю потому что деньги нужны... иначе бы не отдал!

16.07.2007 - 10:26
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Turbo RAT
Are you the type of musician who hears the beauty in a dissonant chord? Does feedback sound like violins to your ear? The Turbo RAT distortion pedal is for the guitarist who would rather create their own sound than emulate someone else's. Tear the system down and build it back up yourself!

The Turbo RAT is the most intense pedal in the RAT family. For those brave enough to harness its power, it provides a palette of distortion unequaled by any other pedal. This is why it has been a main ingredient in the post punk/indie rock movement of the past twenty years.

Boasting more than twice the maximum output of the original RAT, the Turbo RAT is hard-clipping while the mid-range frequencies are slightly scooped. With a less compressed signal, it also has a brighter tone, so you'll have no trouble being heard through the mix. Since this pedal was designed around the musical distortion that made the RAT famous, it retains these qualities without sounding harsh.

The Turbo RAT features the legendary RAT Filter control. Turn it to the right to roll off brittle high-end frequencies. Having trouble cutting through the mix? Turn the Filter down and allow the natural brightness of your instrument to shine through. The Distortion and Volume controls dial in the perfect amount of gain while keeping the level consistent with your clean tone. While there's no mistaking the legendary RAT tone when the pedal is on, true bypass switching guarantees that no extra noise will creep into your signal when it's turned off.

All RAT pedals feature:
100% analog signal path
Pro Co's classic, virtually indestructible steel enclosure
Heavy-duty, industrial footswitches, knobs, and jacks
On/Off LED indicator
Sloped face for easy stomping
Glow in the dark graphics
Military-spec glass-epoxy circuit board
AC jack (RPS-1 power supply sold separately)
"No tools required" battery compartment (9 volt not included)
Five year limited warranty

Добавлено 16.07.07 в 10:29
TS7 Tubescreamer

The most affordable version of the most famous pedal in the
world! The TS7 offers the classic subtle-but-smooth Tubescreamer
overdrive that expands your guitar’s expressiveness
while maintaining its tonal integrity and your personality.
Includes added “hot” switch for an extra gain boost.
19.07.2007 - 02:51
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Блин , надо туб скример взять !

Всё на звук не ногой...

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