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Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (Reissue) [2006]

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17.09.2006 - 22:05
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1. 2:29 New Direction
2. 2:08 Stand Still
3. 1:35 Degradation
4. 0:29 Good Intentions
5. 1:32 Forgotten
6. 1:42 Things We Say
7. 2:04 Start Today
8. 2:04 Two Sides
9. 1:40 First Failure
10. 2:04 Competition
11. 1:45 Time Flies
12. 1:36 Cats And Dogs
13. 1:44 (untitled hidden track)
14. 1:29 (untitled hidden track) (2)
15. 5:00 (untitled hidden track) (3)

19.09.2006 - 21:00
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Не прошел

Looking back on the summer of `88
When Hardcore was young and the shows were great
The sky was the limit, the world was our stage
The future so bright we had to wear shades
I can`t wait till two thousand ten
So we can relearn these songs and play them again and again
I long for the days after we`ve had our fun
When we will look back on what we`ve done
We`ll remember the dreams and all that it meant
But all the memories in the world they can`t pay the rent
Two thousand one: We call it`s quits the band will be done
Two thousand two: We sell our discography to you
Two thousand three: We`ll sit back and count our money
Two thouand four: Two words "Reunion tour"

гуд клин фан
  розовый январь
19.09.2006 - 21:06
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