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Алексей Архиповский
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Qualitatively (ft Big Ben)

Дата: 25 сентября 2010 (Суббота) в 22:00
Место: Мираж

специальный гость:
*** DJ BIG BEN / Н. Новгород /

History Dj Big Ben'а has begun on a boundary 1999 - 2000 when the foresight acted on behalf of the principal, has turned on it the look and on the eve of forthcoming New Year's holidays it was offered to Maxim (present name Big Ben'a is those) to lead solemn actions. It is necessary to note, that by this moment Max was already widely known for the love to electronic music, and on the present idolized London and representatives of its club underground. This fact, as well as completely not fragile constitution promoted occurrence of such sonorous pseudonym as Big Ben. The first experience has appeared so successful, that Maxim puts for itself a problem and further to improve the skills in show - business. The result, has not kept itself waiting. Later very few time Big Ben becomes the organizer of a series of the qualitative dancing actions which have caused weight of positive emotions at клабберов. And as the natural result to it, receives the invitation to become the official resident of known club " Broadway ". Here, Dj Big Ben finally perfects the skill of data and magic of transformation of separate tracks in a uniform musical cloth of a mix. Subsequently, from - for divergences in sights at the musical policy of club Maxim leaves an institution and starts to go on tour actively. Alongside with successes as a disk - jockey should as be noted, that Big Ben is one of direct organizers such significant open - air'ов as " Chemical - smoke 1,2,3 " (2005 - 2007 the Nizhniy Novgorod district) and " Snow Project Dance " (Mordovia). Festivals became the present gifts to fans of dancing culture and have collected on the platforms a plenty of electronic projects, musicians and dj led by Dj Arcady Air. Today, Dj Big Ben lives the sated club life, combining the dense tour schedule and work as the resident in glamour night club " the East - the West ". Not becoming isolated within the limits of dj'ing,Maxim with persistence inherent in it masters musical programs and editors (Cubase SX, Ableton Live, external audiointerfaces). To become result of works a remarkable composition " Sad Birthday ", Original Mix to which can meet in sets of many dj's whos playing Deep House music. Each New year for Dj Big Ben'а time especial and magic. The first days 2008'ого did not become exception and have pleased with two pleasant surprises. One of them, its musical compilation " Deep House Soldiers " it has been taken in rotation of Latvian radio CAPITAL FM 101.0 and has sounded on waves of transfer " Intelligent Beats " where has received weight of positive responses of radio listeners. ..

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Клуб открывается с 21-30, дискотека с 22-00 до 05-00

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Там будут: gcs, Stroganov
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